There’s a reason some of our clients have been with us for fifteen years. We know you’re not in this for a quick fix–neither are we. We strive to establish ourselves as a true recruitment partner for everyone we work with.

Contingency Services

If you need talent at speed without compromising on quality, you’ve come to the right place. When we take on a new client, we always engage with the hiring manager and the key people within the organization, so that we can learn as much as possible about the role and your needs. This means each fully vetted candidate we send you will be an excellent fit.

Retained Services

While the contingency model works well for roles that are easier to fill, if you’re looking for more niche, senior, or multiple roles, we suggest retaining us on an exclusive basis.

When you have only one agency working on your vacancy, you’ll actually find you get more time spent on your needs, not less. The retained model enables us to take the extra time and effort required to tap into the passive market and to woo the elite, hard-to-reach candidates—those who are already happily employed and not actively looking.